Hotter Chocolate Mix To-Go

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Hotter Chocolate Mix To-Go

Make a cup of hotter chocolate at home using our housemade mix!

Hotter Chocolate mix with crushed peppermint & holiday sprinkles

available for purchase at BomboBar • $10


1. Scoop out the toppings. Place 3 tbsp of BomboBar’s Hotter Chocolate mix into the bottom of your favorite mug. 

2. Gradually add 8 oz of boiling water or milk to the mug and stir briskly to make a cozy cup of hot chocolate.

3. For a richer cup, add an additional tbsp of the mix.

4. Top with whipped cream, crushed candy cane & holiday sprinkles – enjoy! 

*each jar makes about 7 cups of hotter chocolate*